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price: € 27.500,00
Gibson sunburst killertop 1999 with all parts, except for pickup rings, confirmed 100% original 1959. Double white PAF pickup at bridge position, double black at neck position. Every screw on this guitar, every part is original. Dark Brazilian board. Beautiful three dimensional flame top with very realistic old sunburst color
Sounds as a real burst, this one knocks you off. Very rare offer.   40th anniversary edition with certificate of authenticity. With 1959 brown Lifton reissue case and black customshop case. Comes with Cites certificate.
Gibson true Historic, Tom Murphy aged. As demo played. Comes in  Lifton case with all the case candy. This guitar sounds unbelievable realistic like the original ones. The low E is defined clear and not dull. All strings are in good balance. Custom buckers pick-ups. To my opinion Gibson made it the right way this time. Cheers.
price € 8750,00
Gibson Les Paul Goldtop from 1968. Guitar had originally a big headstock, but was shaped once in his life to the small version. It's done very professional. This guitar have the long neck-tennon and the rare small binding in the cutaway. Very nice condition that plays and sounds like a million. Comes with original Gibson case.
price € SOLD
Martin D 18 1937 Authentic from 2007. The Martin Authentic series are the most accurate reincarnation of the pre war golden era Martin D 18. Adirondack top, ebony fingerboard, fossil nut and build with hide glue. Included original brown case.
price € SOLD
20170620_141733 20171203_133656
Very impressive guitar. Great for all styles of music and sounds
unbelievable good, rings for day's. High quality quarter sawn Brazilian rosewood back and sides like the Martin's. This guitar don't have a neck reset in his life and have a very comfortable low action and there is some room to lower action in the future. Absolutely no cracks. The bridge is changed once. A real vintage guitar with Brazilian rosewood for a affordable price. Comes with Cites certificate.
price € SOLD
20161217_150636 20180206_152142
 price € 875,00

 Framus Nashville from 1974. Bill Lawrence pick-ups. Great player.
Gibson Melodymaker double pick-up all original except tailpiece. This double pick-ups are so much more rare than the single ones.
Only build from half 1959 till half 1960 than Gibson switched to dubbel cut version.
You have to take this budget Les Paul serious,great player. Good investment. Comes with non original hardshell snake case and CITES certificate.
price € SOLD
Gibson Melodymaker double pick-up all original. Fat neck.Non original case.
With CITES certificate.
price € SOLD
Martin 00-18 from 1956. This guitar is in mint condition. Absolutely no breaks, cracks or other issues. Great sounding and very easy playing guitar. Never had a neck reset and don't need it within coming years. Serial 152349. Newer non original case. Comes with CITES certificate.
price € SOLD
Fender Jazzmaster. Original guitar. Non original tremolo arm. Original case with one defect latch.
price € SOLD