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price € 100,00
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Martinez Spanisch guitar. This is a serious child guitar with solid top wood. Very good guitar to start with, easy playable, good intonation and sounds real good.
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Tokai Stratocaster, springy sound series. The springy sound guitars are famous for their high quality. This guitar plays likes a dream, feather light and sounds incredible. Ash body not original. 
price € SOLD
price € SOLD
Replica Gibson Les Paul '56 goldtop. This guitar is not a Gibson but looks very realistic. Super cool relic guitar. Plays and sounds as it looks. This stunning guitar is a one-off made guitar by a good friend, he made incredible relic guitars
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price: € SOLD
price: € 119.500,00
PRS second year of production. Great three dimensional maple top.
Brazilian fret board. Original T and B pickups. Sweetswitch. This guitar is played a lot. There are some dings and dongs as you can see on the pictures. Great guitar. They, who have played this first guitars ever, they knows. Plays smooth and very easy and sounds
you want to die for. Comes with Cites certificate.
Gibson goldtop 1957 in confirmed 100% original condition. Comes with original brown Lifton case with non original case-zipper. Beautiful wether checking we have called it crack-burst. Pots date are first week 1957. Nice dark Brazilian fretboard. Dark back with yellow serial number and black cavity covers. There is a rare ebony mark on the back-end of the body that is completely original. No body knows exactly why but by collectors its confirmed to be original. We check with black light and agree this is original.  Highest grade collectors investment. This guitar sound and playability will judge all the others. Comes with CITES certificate.... read more
Price: € SOLD
Goya model 4 from 1980. Build in the Valencia areal. Fine massiv red cedar
and mahogany back and sides. This guitar sounds in between the dry flamingo and the classical warmth. It sounds bright with lots of sustain, deep
basses and clear trebles. Very expressive guitar with great volume. Mahogany
neck with rosewood fretboard plays very easy. Scale 65 cm, bone nut and 19 nickel-silver frets. Goya was a brand of Martin guitars. Grab your chance to own this special guitar for a great price.
Price: € SOLD
Neubauer acoustic jazz guitar from the '50s with edit loaded pick card from Framus.
This guitar looks very stunning with tremolo, free mounted chrome pick card and
nice two colored celluloid headstock. Straight neck without truss rod and good small frets plays incredible easy. You absolutely steal the show on every stage with this great looking guitar.
price: € SOLD
Fully original Gibson goldtop 1952 we have converted to '57 gold top with humbuckers. Original finish and parts. One of the best we ever heard. Because of the neck angle of 1 degree lots of sustain. Shaved bridge and NO neck reset. Almost invisible repaired headcrack. Comes with Cites certificate.
Gibson ES 225 T from first year of production 1955. This guitar is at mint condition, even no weather cracks. 100% original. Great player.Sounds unplugged great too. Guitar has become recently a pro-fret job. Comes with original Alligator soft case and Cites certificate.
price € SOLD
price: € SOLD
Fender SRV Stratocaster 1992 first months of production with very dark Brazilian rosewood fretboard. This first production guitars were build in the custom shop. 50 to 100 guitars are produced with Brazilian and I think for the USA only. You don't see this guitar often outside the US. Unplayed incredible mint condition,no chips,nicks or significant scratches. I believe one of the best investments today. Comes with Cites certificate.