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price € SOLD
price € SOLD
4 x 6L6 Sylvania NOS matched in original box. Two sets on stock.
4 x E34 NOS Mullard/Philips matched in original box.

I have lots of NOS matched sets on stock.
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Price: € 55,00
To transform 220volts to 110volts USA apparatus.
Line 6 speakers. 50 watt each, 8 ohm.
price € 125,00
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Much sought after Celestion 30w 55hz, T1534. EF date 5- 1973. Original cone 102-14. Original wrong label as used by Celestion in some batches says 75hz.
price € SOLD
Much sought after Celestion 30w 55hz, T1534. CF date 3-1973.
Original cone. Original but wrong label as used in some batches says 75hz.
price € SOLD
Much sought after pre-Rola Celestion 30w 55hz, T1534. DD date 
4- 1971. Original cone 102-014. Set of two.
price € SOLD
Vox AC 30 chrom stand. Very rare offer. Like the great English bands of the sixties used.
price € SOLD
Celestion 20w pre-Rola speakers, set of two, with original 014 low resonance 55hz cones. Speaker codes are some what difficult to read but I think LL, 1966. They spray the inside of the cones with lacquer, don't know why, maybe to conserve. This speakers are working fully without any issues.
price € SOLD
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Funcke tube tester complete with test cards and book.
price € 995,00