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Vox AC 30 in new condition. I have bought this Vox from the first owner. He bought this amp new in 1965 and used it till 1969 when his band broke up. The cover came over the amp and stays over it till now. It needed some service after so much years out of business, like some condensers and resistors, so we did maintenance with the right parts. We put a matched set NOS  EL84 Philips/Mullard tubes in it. Pre amp tubes are also Mullard coded. The original cover is included. You will never ever find a Vox AC 30 in this honest museum condition like this. Let the pictures speak. How it sounds? Awesome,fabulous,great with smooth compressed sustain for days
and sparkling trebles, you will be impressed. As I mentioned this beauty is new, no damage to the tolex, even the underside of this amp is new.