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Here it is, a re-designed tailpiece for converted '52 to '56 Les Paul's without neck reset. This tension bar is the final great improvement to your converted LP, but works outstandingly well on every Les Paul. Because of the tighter fit to the studs, tighter fit of the strings, solid aluminum and much higher tension on the ABR bridge. I have converted many '52 Les Paul's here at Woodstock.
This conversions are a big improvement to this L.P's, so much more playability
But it was not satisfying. It don't feels and sounds like my original '57 Les Paul.
The reason was the one degree, later L.P's have three degree neck pitch in
combination with the low string tension over the shaved ABR-1 bridge.If I could
increase this tension by letting the strings making a sharper pitch from the bridge to the tailpiece it would be better. I looked over the original tailpiece to
modify it, but decided to redesign a new one. so I make the prototype by hand from solid aluminum. The result is amazing. It feels like my '57 L.P. and it sounds almost the same. You got a little bit more string tension, more response and the same feel as the guitars of the second halve of the '50's. Connected to a amp it sounds much better with lots of sustain, harmonic  overtones and much better definition just like the holy grails. This is a precision part to realize maximum pressure to the ABR-1. It fits so much tighter to the studs as the original tailpiece. Its not die cast but made of solid aluminum, precision tooled by CNC and finished by hand. Weight is 41 gram, and fits to all standard studs of 8 mm. You have to try this out, you gonna love this, I'm a Les Paul connoisseur as you are, that's why I know.

Available in nickel, gold, pre-aged and aged.
Nickel pre-aged    € 179,00
Nickel new             € 189,00
Nickel aged           € 199,00

Gold pre-aged       € 189,00
Gold new                € 199,00
Gold aged              € 209,00
Tensionbar for '52 Les Paul conversion without 

price: See below.
neck reset.