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price € SOLD
London City DEA 100 MKIV one of the first 48 build by the man himself on the kitchen table, with help from his family. Started life in 1969 for music shop de Waal in Amsterdam. Absolutely original.
Pre- Rola greenback Celestions T1221 all original. Documentation
comes with this beautiful Dutch historical piece.
price € SOLD
PA columns with pre- Rola T1221 Celestion greenbacks. No re- cones and works absolutely issue free. There was some paint on the tolex in the past. Logo's are the best replica's available.
price € 995,00
Funcke tube tester complete with test cards and book.
20180214_161754 20180324_132340
Gibson Melodymaker double pick-up all original. Fat neck.Non original case.
With CITES certificate.
price € SOLD
price € SOLD
Marshall 100w super lead from 1972 in mint condition. Tolex like new. Serial 6279 D. Very fresh and healthy sounding amp.     Hand-wired quality. Original transformers and no issues. One owner, amp never left his home.
20180322_164631_001 20180614_175746
price € SOLD
Marshall 50W super lead from 1971 in mint condition. Great sounding amp, ready to perform. Hand-wired as the real plexi's from the '60. Serial 5829 C.
price € SOLD
Gibson Les Paul all gold from 1953. This guitar is converted from the original trapeze to ABR1 with stud tailpiece. Shaved bridge with our unique tension bar safe this guitar from a neck reset. So the neck body connection with old glue stays original. Very light weight 3840 gr. Play's like a dream very easy and sounds awesome. All parts , lacquer and case original. Comes with CITES certificate.
Vox AC30 top boost. Mint condition. Sounds really great with no issues. Is recently serviced. Transformers and all other parts original, except for two changed handles. Cabinet stands on non original castors.
price € SOLD
Vox AC 30 top boost 1967 silver Celestion alnico
Vox reverb unit in really new collector's condition. all original except that we put new Wurlitzer pick-ups in it because the original pick-ups were dead as common with this reverb's. Sound great as the original does.
price € 1595,00
Vox Reverb 1965 excellent condition with cover.
Marshall Super Lead 100 watt. Nice condition. Original transformers. Used by many rock bands in the '70s.
price € SOLD
Marshall 100w 1974