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price € 45,00
price € 300,00
Sennheiser G2 wireless set, one for guitar and one for vocals. Comes with solid Sennheiser case. Almost new, one time used.
Blue cap plectrum. Not cheap, but you get the best plectrum on this earth. Makes you play better, honest. Much used by bluegrass players. Its manufactured for a lifetime, never gets off.
price € 80,00
Seymour duncan P90 pickup
price € 75,00
Headset wireless Sennheiser
price € SOLD
Trapeaze solution for Gibson Les Paul '52. If you want to make your '52 goldtop better playable with strings over the bridge instead of underneath without affect the originality of your guitar this is probably the solution. Is mounted on the original trapeze without damaging or modification.
price € SOLD
Fender lacquered tweed case with '50 correct Koylon case label. When you are looking for a time correct case for your old Strat or Tele, because you don't have any, or you want to spare your original one on the road,  we make for such less money this very cool looking lacquered( nitro ) tweed case.  This is a replica.
On special order.
Woodstock Music Center
price € SOLD
Gibson Les Paul case from begin 1952. Very rare item you don't see often. The very first gold tops are delivered with this case. Somewere in his life he becomes black. Maybe you can clean this up to original brown.
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Price: SOLD
Les Paul Project. Very rare chance to build your own lp with original materials and parts. At least 40 years old Honduras mahogany. Neck need to be shaped completely. Neck joined is very little over sized so you can shape to a tight fit. Beautiful maple top with very authentic minerals and correct flat dish. Original Brazilian rosewood fretboard with binding from a 1963 SG. Original '63 headstock logo. Besides of the pickup rings and toggle switch ring all the parts are confirmed original 1959. One unopened PAF( 7.6) and one( 8.2)we opened for the first time, both double black. 
price € 50,00
Grover tuners
price € 550,00
Gibson Les Paul 1952 tuners in good working condition. Buttons are original.