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price € 500,00
Marshall 4 x 12 classic. This box is from 1999 and is loaded with  25 watt Greenbacks. This box sounds fabulous.  Good condition. Cab is on castors.
price € SOLD
Marshall 2 x 12 cab. Model 1922. Loaded with two 30 watt Celestions pre Rola. Impedance is 16 ohm. Speakers are from 1970.
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price € SOLD
Marshall 4x12 box type 1935. Loaded with 30 w. Pre- Rola Greenbacks. This speakers are 8 ohm, Greenbacks covers are missing. Code stamped on the frame T 1234 AC15 v, what means january 1970. Original 102-003 cones. The speaker cab is from '75 and this pre-Rola speakers are not original. Cab on castors.
price € SOLD
Marshall 2x12 chequerboard lead, bass and orgen box. Two special design
 50w, 8 ohm celestions that makes this box 100w - 16 ohm. 
Speaker codes, T2324 BJS x that means, this speakers are from february 1976. 2x12 in a 4 x 12 format. Box stands on castors.
price € SOLD
Marshall 8x10 Basketweave box. 18" pre Rola speakers with codes 7442 VJA, what means september 1968. Original N1B4RC  cones. Tolex have some damage you can see on the pictures. The personal favorite of Jim Marshall. It's sounding tighter with more treble as a 4x12 cabinet. Serial: 15262
Marshall 100w PA in mint condition. !00% original from the out site to the inside. No mods and there was never be a solder iron on it. All parts original, no chanced elco's, no noise and original tubes. This
amp sounds  awesome with guitar. 
price € 3275,00
Price: € SOLD
Marshall limited edition bluesbreaker brand new in box. Very accurate specs like the original bluesbreaker. Some to mention, alu chassis,original pinstripe and Celestion T.652 alnico speakers. Specs that the 1962 HW don't have. The sound is very similar to my original blues breaker with the same specs,as  you can see on the amplifier page. Comes with certificate, blues breaker book and cover.
I really love this amp, it's got all the mojo.
Marshall 50 watt superlead from 1974. This amp belongs in the past to Peter Bootsman,frontman of the great band New Adventures. He painted this amp red and later painted black again. Great sounding amp. EL 34 Tesla blue tubes. Serial: S/A 7982
price € SOLD
price € SOLD
Marshall 4x12 loaded with original Goodman speakers. This cab is from 1967. Suitable for bass and lead. The speaker clothed is Eric Collins and is the real deal. Very warm sounding and original vintage
Marshall cab.

price from €2195,00 for €1495,00
Amplex TA 44,for all purpose amplifier. We are proud to announce our new amp that we build in joint venture with our partner Anne Doedens. Anne is a famous amplifier builder under the name of Mister Bassman. We are the exclusive distributor for this amp. As we mentioned earlier this amp will work outstandingly well for guitar, bass, pedal steel, harmonica, acoustic guitar and organ. It's fully handcrafted and build in small quantity, handwired with the shortest signal way as possible. This amp gives 40 to 50 watts of power, depending of which power tubes are used. This is a class A amplifier, and it takes all kind of power tubes such as KT 66 (standard),EL34,6L6,6V6 and 5881 with no need to bias.Example 50watt with KT66 and 42watt with 6L6. This baby sounds as great as it looks, from crispy clean to compressed ……..