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price € SOLD
Vox AC 30 top boost supertwin. Closed 2x12 blue alnico's cabinet. This amp is fully serviced and ready for on stage. Changed pots, the rest is 100% original. This amp sounds a little bit like a Marshall because of the closed cab. Dick Daney, the right hand of Tom Jennings, says that this super twin is the best sounding amp they made at Vox. I had several AC 30's and I agree with Dick Daney, this is the best sounding of all. The best I ever, ever heard. Build in 1965. Serial 3985. It's also  much more practice to split amp and speakers than the normal combo which is heavy. Amp comes with the original footswitch and original covers.
Vox AC 30 topboost in all original condition, no issues. Probable the best lead amp you ever heard. Mind numbing. With original covers and footswitch.
price € 4750,00
20161219_113443 20171203_145827
Vox AC 30 from first owner. Incredible 100% original condition. Very rare find in this condition. Original Manuel and garantie papers are included. Everything looks new on this amp. Covers like new. Sounds great as you can expected. With original footswitch.
price € 5250,00
Dynacord PA from begin 60's. I have three of them. They are all working. With Manuel.
price € 200,00 - € 400,00
Dynacord EchoCord in 100% original condition. With original user Manuel. Works well.
price € 450,00
AC 50
Vox AC 50 from 1965. This amp sounds unbelievable good. It have original '60's tubes. The sound is when cranked up with sweet compressed gain. Amp works well with no issues. Control faceplate is missing. Logo is a reissue. The rest all original.
price € SOLD
Marhall 4x12 cab from begin 1969 loaded with original pre-Rola
greenbacks 25w, 55Hz low resonance speakers. this is a bass cab but is famous by guitar players because of the awesome sound.
No tolex, but great for playing for a affordable price. Logo is correct
replica. 014 cones, no re-cone!
price € SOLD
20171203_130456 20171203_130815_001
A original Marshall 4x12 basket weave cab except for the logo. The tolex have a life on the road and looks cool. Original 25w T1221 Celestions, no re-cones and sounds great. Date CC 11, 1970. Pulsonic cones.
price € SOLD
Vintage Marshall 4x12 cab. Not a collectors item but great for a player. The speakers are original and no re- cones. One greenback cover has the wrong sticker from later date. This great sounding speakers are hard to find in good condition these day's. T1534
date DD28T, 1971. Pulsonic cones.
price € SOLD
London City DEA 100 MKIV one of the first 48 build by the man himself on the kitchen table, with help from his family. Started life in 1969 for music shop de Waal in Amsterdam. Absolutely original.
Pre- Rola greenback Celestions T1221 all original. Documentation
comes with this beautiful Dutch historical piece.
price € SOLD