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Amplex TA 44,for all purpose amplifier. We are proud to announce our new amp that we build in joint venture with our partner Anne Doedens. Anne is a famous amplifier builder under the name of Mister Bassman. We are the exclusive distributor for this amp. As we mentioned earlier this amp will work outstandingly well for guitar, bass, pedal steel, harmonica, acoustic guitar and organ. It's fully handcrafted and build in small quantity, handwired with the shortest signal way as possible. Custom build transformers. This amp gives 40 to 50 watts of power, depending of which power tubes are used. This is a class A amplifier, and it takes all kind of power tubes such as KT 66 (standard),EL34,6L6,6V6 and 5881 with no need to bias.Example 50watt with KT66 and 42watt with 6L6. This baby sounds as great as it looks, from crispy clean to compressed distortion when cranked up. You can see this amp on you tube by our exclusive dealer,, the fellowship of acoustics" There is a switch for single end and a half power output if you have to live with your neighbours, they loves your amp to. This is a nice jewel in your living room or your studio, but also loves to go on tour. It's housed in a very sturdy plexi box and can be delivered with form fit carry bag for on the road( not standard see bottom of this page).
A dust cover comes standard with the amp, as a 4 meter long AC cable and a foot switch. For technical specifications see Amplex on the left of the previous page. Lifetime warranty.

price from € 1495,00
Amplex Carry Bag
price € 215,00